Exploring Gemstones in Nature

Many gemstones in nature are free occurring minerals which has been gifted to mankind and deployed for a variety of reasons. Gemstones are rated according to their rarity with the cheaper varieties found in lower depths than most of, the costlier versions. It is commonly touted that the deeper it takes to extract a gemstone from the earth, the pricier it gets. Why some dispute this assertion, many hold on to it as a statement of fact.

Diamond, Gold and silver are precious metals, and they are not found on the beach like clay or alluvial sand. In comparative terms, a piece of silver is worth tons of clay or white sand. There are other gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, tanzanite amongst others.

Emerald is one of the gemstones in nature and clearly defined by its greenish outlook that comes in hues of bluish green to yellowish green variants. It however also has a divisive feature that makes it difficult to tell the difference between emerald and green beryl.

Sapphire and ruby are two of the most rated colored stones in the US, and they come with the same chemical combination and properties. It is agreed that the level of impurities is the dividing line between a red ruby and a resplendent blue sapphire. Many rubies you find in the marketplace are already subjected to heat in order to have better quality and sparkling color.

Silver is also one of the gemstones in nature that is rated as having the best electrical conduction properties, reflection, and thermal conductivity. It shows up in jewelry, served as a medium of exchange and is widely occurring and more prevalent than Gold.

Diamond is reputed as a result of covalent bonding of atoms and is peculiarly rated as extreme in hardness and thermal conductivity. This shows in its common usage in tools polishing and cutting along with other scientific applications.

There are many other free occurring gemstones in nature that have a variety of uses and are rated as pricey and durable.

Gemstones in Nature and Cosmetics

Quite a number of gemstones have hitherto been used in ancient times for beauty and cosmetic purposes. Gold facials have been traced to ancient Ayurveda, and are reputable for revitalizing and rejuvenating ingredients, that promote youthfulness. It has been used as an ingredient in some food products to promote vigor and stamina.   While some people scoff at this, its usage through the ages point at more than just a passing interest.

Diamond is deployed in high-end cosmetic treatments and the use of its crystals in many skin polishing procedures produces a radiant and luminous appearance. They are also beginning to find their way into cosmetic products that come highly priced and rated for its enduring properties.