Gemstones and their Meaning

Stones of different sizes and variety of colors have played a huge role in the development of the human history. From the simple stone tools during the Paleolithic Era to the luxurious stones that demonstrate one’s economic status. But different Gemstones convey different meanings. One has to choose a suitable gemstone based on his personality and, of course, the healing properties that it possess. But discussing every Gemstones meaning will take forever since they are a dime dozen. In this article, we will just present those that bear a significant meaning that will benefit its user.

During the ancient civilization, Egyptian used Amethyst to protect them from guilt feelings and to drive away fears and anxiety. It is also believed to protect the bearer from deceptive people and also as an effective tool to combat witchcraft. It was said to have a special healing property to help those people who have difficulty in sleeping. Simply placed an Amethyst under your pillow and it will help you catch a goodnight sleep. The gemstones meaning can also mean intelligence and humility and a higher sense of spiritual understanding as high official of the church often wear this type of gemstone.

To those people who wanted to start a new beginning, Garnet suits you perfectly. Garnet is widely popular among businessmen as the gemstones meaning can be attached to a successful business venture. It is also supposed to possess the power to eliminate depression as it elevates the self-esteem of the user into a higher level.

There are also gemstones that can guide a person to a more fruitful relationship. Moonstone is definitely one of them. Legend says that if a couple wear a moonstone under the bright light of the full moon then they will be granted to live a harmonious relationship. It also brings a better future, gives you a better understanding to your intuition and can also heal a ruined relationship, the gemstones meaning is just endless.

If you want a concise answer to your worries, and you want to be in touch with your spiritual awareness, an aquamarine is a perfect companion for you. Aquamarine is usually a stone for meditation. It gives peace and serenity to those who possess it. A popular legend says that Aquamarine protect the user against false accusations and gossips. The gemstones meaning can also be associated to calm nerves and the ability to discern the truth from the lies.

Gemstones meaning presents a huge array of possibilities. Each of them carries a different element compared to the others. Citrine can help you get rid of wicked thoughts; diamond is for eternal love and passion, emerald for rebirth, jade that is believed to protect the bearer from harm and a whole lot more. More than an accessory, each crystal serves as a material to connect our thoughts to our body.