Where the Best Gemstones Come From

#1 Diamond The colorless sparklers we love are found in Russia and Canada, but most diamonds have been mined from southern Africa for well over a century. Botswana and Russia hold the top spots for diamond production. Kristals Cosmetics diamond-based products focus rely on diamond's exfoliant and skin-nurturing abilities. #2 Amethyst Although amethysts are sourced [...]

The Hottest Gemstones for Jewelry Right Now

That added dash of color that we often seek to complement our look has arrived in the form of gemstones. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are always at the top of our wish lists, but day-to-day jewelry often calls for more affordable gemstones rather than precious stones. The year’s fashion trends have pushed a select [...]

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6 Smart Tips for Buying Pearl Jewelry

Sleek and sophisticated, there’s a certain attraction to pearl jewelry that has stood the test of time for centuries. Of course, a lot has changed through the years with pearls, particularly the fact that cultured, or farm-raised, pearls are now the primary source of the gems. One thing that has stayed consistent is the approach [...]

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Best 4 Gems for Glowing Skin

Gemstones seem to have a lot of benefits for the skin, particularly when mixed with the right ingredients in popular skin care products. Some of these benefits are fairly well documented, while others are based on their traditional or ancient healing powers. But when it comes to gemstones, one benefit is pretty clear-cut, and the [...]

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The Power of Pearl for Skincare, Health and Beauty

Pearl, the gem of the sea, has evoked a sense of mysticism for centuries. This is not only related to the beauty of the gem, but also to its potential healing power. When infused into your favorite skincare products, the skincare and beauty researchers at Kristals Cosmetics say that pearl has serious brightening abilities. Not [...]

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