A Buying Guide to Gemstones

The world of gemstones is a vast and fascinating area, but it can be sometimes complex to determine their quality and, most importantly, their value. Not surprisingly, there are many purveyors who seek to fool buyers into overpaying for low-quality items or buying actual fakes. Given Kristals Cosmetics’ development of both a high-quality gemstone jewelry [...]

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A Buying Guide to Aventurine

Aventurine is believed to be a gemstone that heals and offers happiness due to its color and harmony. Because of its beauty and exquisite color, not to mention its holistic properties, the popularity of this stone has risen and more people are buying it. However, as with any other stone used in jewelry, you have [...]

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Traditional Uses for Gemstones

Whether they’re used in jewelry or for more mystical purposes, humans have always been fascinated by gemstones. In fact, this intrigue goes all the way back to ancient civilizations. This rich history of our use of gemstones is part of the reason why they are still so popular today. In fact, the skincare and beauty [...]

The Power of Pearl for Skincare, Health and Beauty

Pearl, the gem of the sea, has evoked a sense of mysticism for centuries. This is not only related to the beauty of the gem, but also to its potential healing power. When infused into your favorite skincare products, the skincare and beauty researchers at Kristals Cosmetics say that pearl has serious brightening abilities. Not [...]

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How to Buy Amber Jewelry

Amber is prized as a jewelry item because of its gorgeous dark yellow tones, along with its reputed holistic properties as a bringer of good fortune. Although it’s found in many places, the two top areas for high-quality amber are the Baltic region (Estonia, Lativia and Lithuania) and the Dominican Republic. Baltic amber is generally [...]

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How Ruby Enhances Beauty and Wellness

Rich and red, the aura of the ruby is one of power and stability. If you’re coping with stress or fatigue, the mystical power of the ruby is thought to give you a boost of vitality and keep you going in the face of adversity. As an ingredient in health and beauty products, the skincare [...]

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How Amber Transforms Negative Energy into Positive Energy

According to practitioners of holistic medicine that incorporate healing crystals, amber is known for transforming negative energy into positive, encouraging openness of the spirit to activate the energy fields, promote concentration and attention and more. These are some of the reasons why the amber is considered one of the most powerful gems out there. Emotional [...]

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Using Aventurine for Wellness and Beauty

Aventurine, a vivid green stone, has had a sense of lore and mysticism for centuries. The stone is often referred to as the “Stone of Opportunity.” Among the crystals, it’s considered to be the luckiest. Optimism and a positive outlook are typically associated with this stone. When it comes to its use in cosmetic products, [...]

Diamond Buying 101

For centuries diamonds have been regarded as beautiful, magical, mysterious and powerful. For many buying a diamond is an unforgettable experience and Kristals Jewelry wants to make that possible and help you make the best decision. The world of diamonds could be a bit complicated but Kristals Jewelry wants to walk you through the carats, [...]

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Can Aventurine Improve Your Luck?

We know that amulets to attract love and money are out there, but do those that attract good luck really work? If you happen to be a Capricorn, wait no more: get some aventurine. And if you aren’t, it still may help. Crystals enthusiasts prize aventurine because they saw it has the ability to concentrate [...]

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