The World’s Most Expensive Gemstones

Kim Kardashian’s massive diamond ring, which she flaunted for only a short amount of time before it was famously stolen from her private residence in Paris, was valued at approximately $4 million. Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection, which included diamond tiaras and a ruby-and-diamond bib necklace, was said to be the most important private jewelry collection [...]

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Where the Best Gemstones Come From

#1 Diamond The colorless sparklers we love are found in Russia and Canada, but most diamonds have been mined from southern Africa for well over a century. Botswana and Russia hold the top spots for diamond production. Kristals Cosmetics diamond-based products focus rely on diamond's exfoliant and skin-nurturing abilities. #2 Amethyst Although amethysts are sourced [...]

The Top Jewelry Bloggers to Follow

Drawing from love and expertise, top jewelry bloggers are influencing the gemstones and baubles we obsess over. From true gemologists to devoted collectors, these tastemakers are making waves and setting trends across the jewelry spectrum — just ask their hundreds of thousands of followers. Here are the top jewelry bloggers we’re following: Gem Gossip​  With [...]

5 Common Diamond Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Chances are good that a diamond will be involved in the most important jewelry purchase that you will make in your lifetime. And even if you’re in the market for a different form of diamond jewelry than an engagement ring, it’s still a major purchase that involves a substantial amount of money. Considering all this, [...]

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Best 4 Gems for Glowing Skin

Gemstones seem to have a lot of benefits for the skin, particularly when mixed with the right ingredients in popular skin care products. Some of these benefits are fairly well documented, while others are based on their traditional or ancient healing powers. But when it comes to gemstones, one benefit is pretty clear-cut, and the [...]

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Diamond Buying 101

For centuries diamonds have been regarded as beautiful, magical, mysterious and powerful. For many buying a diamond is an unforgettable experience and Kristals Jewelry wants to make that possible and help you make the best decision. The world of diamonds could be a bit complicated but Kristals Jewelry wants to walk you through the carats, [...]

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A Guide to Top Jewelry Gemstones

When thinking of jewelry gemstones, most people don’t go beyond diamonds, prized the world over as the epitome of gem-based beauty. But in fact, any number of other precious gemstones can be valued even higher than diamonds and are seen by many as just as beautiful. In fact, according to the GemVal Valuation Guide prices [...]

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