Aventurine, considered the luckiest of all quartzes, is a popular stone for many reasons, not least of which is its beauty. It’s said to bring prosperity, confidence and luck. It’s also great for the skin — skincare researchers at Kristals Cosmetics use aventurine in select products to boost collagen, control skin inflammation and protect it against contaminants and sun exposure.

Choosing the right aventurine jewelry is often a matter of taste and predilection. There are several varieties of this type of quartz, so there’s plenty to consider. Here are a few details to know when buying aventurine jewelry:

#1 Color and Style
Aventurine is not a one-note stone. This quartz is most commonly green, but it also comes in hues of blues, reds, browns, reds, yellows, oranges, even grays. The sparkles you see on the stone come from its mica inclusions inside the stone, making it that more desirable despite it being less expensive than many other gemstones.
Aventurine is often sported in chandelier, drop and stud earrings, and pairs beautifully with gold or sterling silver.

# Strong as a Rock
Aventurine is a very strong stone, so it can withstand many types of cuts that other stones cannot. For this reason you can find any number of shapes and novel styles in aventurine jewelry. You’ll often see it as cabochons or beaded for necklaces.

# Price Is Right
Aventurine is relatively inexpensive, partly because it’s plentiful around the world. Color, origin and carat weight affect the price of aventurine. The more carats, clearer and brighter the green, the more expensive it will be. Aventurine from India, when sporting a strong, brilliant green, are coveted for their great quality. Aventurines that are highest in quality will look strikingly similar to emeralds — and their price tag will reflect this quality.

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