#1 Diamond
The colorless sparklers we love are found in Russia and Canada, but most diamonds have been mined from southern Africa for well over a century. Botswana and Russia hold the top spots for diamond production. Kristals Cosmetics diamond-based products focus rely on diamond’s exfoliant and skin-nurturing abilities.

#2 Amethyst
Although amethysts are sourced from different countries and regions — North and South America, parts of Europe and Asia, for starters — they often have distinct colors within the purple spectrum that point to their source. Uruguay and Brazil are top producers. Kristals Cosmetics amethyst-based products focus using amethyst’s moisturizing and exfoliant properties.

#3 Pearl
Saltwater pearls are primarily cultured in Asia, along the Indian and South Pacific Oceans. The highest grade pearls, the Akoya, come from Japan — from the pinctada fucata oysters, to be exact. Kristals Cosmetics pearl-based products focus using pearl’s capabilities to control oily skin and work in concert with antioxidants.

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#4 Rose Quartz
This beautiful pink stone is found in many deposits around the world, including India, but its chief source is Brazil. Stateside, you can find rose quartz in Maine and South Dakota. Kristals Cosmetics rose quartz-based products focus using rose quartz’s ability to smooth skin, exfoliate and fade wrinkles.

#5 Sapphire
The country of Burma produces our favorite blue beauties — but Sri Lanka is giving Burma a run for its money when it comes to stunning sapphiresKristals Cosmetics sapphire-based products focus using sapphire’s ability to fight wrinkles and prevent inflammation.

#6 Emerald
Colombia is said to produce the most beautiful emeralds on earth. Zambia has also become a top contender. Back in 1500 B.C.E., however, it was Egypt that held the top spot in emerald production.

#7 Ruby
Burma is said to produce the finest rubies. Most of the rubies that we get to admire, however, come from Thailand and Madagascar. Kristals Cosmetics ruby-based products focus using ruby’s ability to help nurture skin and give it a healthy, natural glow.

#8 Aquamarine
Brazil is the largest producer of aquamarine, but this variety of the mineral beryl is found elsewhere throughout Asia and Africa. They can also be found in California and Colorado. Kristals Cosmetics aquamarine-based products focus using aquamarine’s skin-soothing capabilities.

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#9 Aventurine
India holds the top spot for aventurine sourcing. The best quality aventurine comes from the state of Karnataka in the south-central region of the country. Kristals Cosmetics aventurine-based products focus using aventurine’s acne-fighting and collagen-boosting capabilities.

#10 Amber
Amber is prevalent in the United States, but it’s the Baltic Sea region that’s its original source and still largest deposits. In the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is also a prolific source of amber.
Kristals Cosmetics amber-based products focus using its power to even out skin tone.

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