Associated with empowerment, aquamarine is often prized for its energy, as it’s believed it enhances clarity, helps release negative patterns and brings strength and courage to those who wear it. It’s also great for the skin — skincare researchers at Kristals Cosmetics have included aquamarine in their men’s products to soothe skin and reduce inflammation. The good news is that aquamarine is more affordable than other gemstones. Like any gemstone, there are things to look out for when choosing the right aquamarine — one that is as high quality as it is beautiful. When you buy aquamarine jewelry, here are a few things to consider:

Cue the Color
This lovely stone, a favorite of jewelry designers, comes in a variety of blue hues, although its perhaps best known for its green-blue spectrum — and with the color of the ocean comes its reputation for being soothing, refreshing and purifying. Its color, of course, is often accentuated by how the aquamarine is cut. Darker shades of blue tend to be more valuable. You’ll also often find aquamarines accompanied by other gemstones, such as diamonds — but a big, gorgeous stone can easily stand alone in your setting of choice when it’s cut right.

Making the Cut
Because it is easily mined, aquamarine stones can be flawless or nearly flawless. Keep this is mind when choosing one — unlike the emerald, for example, it should be close to perfect.
Experts know that the natural beauty of the aquamarine can stand out even more when the stone is cut just so. Aquamarine is pleochroic — depending on how it’s cut, you are able to see different hues and colors. You’ll often find it brilliant or emerald cut to showcase its brilliance and color.

Size May Matter
Because aquamarine is more common than other gemstones, it also also less expensive. This means you can invest in a larger, more dramatic stone if you wish, with less pain on your wallet. So don’t be surprised if you run into a bigger-than-expected aquamarine that seems too big, especially compared when an emerald or diamond.

About Kristals Cosmetics
Kristals Cosmetics has unlocked the holistically healing power of gemstones to promote vibrant, radiant skin with a deep range of products, including creams, masks and serums. Kristals complements its gemstone-infused skincare products with leading-edge ingredients designed to pair perfectly with precious gems, including peptides, niacinamide and Vitamin C.