No matter how beautiful some of our favorite gemstones are — who can turn down a diamond? — there are others that are much more unique. They’re all beautiful to behold, but the scarcity of these exceptional stones make them that much more alluring. Here are 10 of the rarest gemstones in the world:

#10 Black Opal
This is the rarest type of opal, and the highest priced. Black opal is native to Australia and is as gorgeous as it is unique, although not necessarily black — you’ll often see a rainbow of colors on the stone.

#9 Red Diamonds
Red diamonds are the rarest of diamonds, which, besides the colorless ones we so love, also come in a variety of colors. The largest one to date is the 5.11-carat Moussaieff Red Diamond, thought to have been purchased for around $8 million.

#8 Benitoite
The state gem of California is a dramatic blue stone that is said to become fluorescent under a UV light, almost glowing. Its main source is the San Benito River in the Golden State.

#7 Taaffeite
In 1945, gemologist Richard Taaff found a cut of a precious stone he had never seen before in a jeweler’s store. Only a few of these gemstone minerals seem to have been unearthed, with hues ranging from colorless to lavender and mauve. Taaffeite has been found in China, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

#6 Painite
This rare gem mineral also has a more limited color range in the reds, veering from orange to brown — some almost look as if a flame burns inside. First discovered in Myanmar, they are naturally hexagonal.

#5 Alexandrite
Known for the way it can show its color depending on what kind of light it’s in and how the light is hitting it, alexandrite is a geologist’s dream. Because of its unique mineral composition, it’s said to turn green under the sun and a red-purple under incandescent light. For this reason, it’s often described as “emerald by day, ruby by night.” Alexandrite was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

#4 Grandidierite
Hailing almost exclusively from Madagascar, grandidierite is typically bluish-green, with high transparency. There are even said to be a few that are completely transparent, but this is almost unheard of.

#3 Jeremejevite
First discovered in Siberia, jeremejevite is a beautiful stone that can go from colorless to greenish blue. It’s hard enough to make beautiful jewelry…but good luck finding one. There are only a handful of sources around the world, but the main ones are in Namibia.

#2 Musgravite
Related to taaffeite, musgravite is named after the Musgrave Range in Australia, where it was first found. Its color range is also unique, going from greenish gray to purple.

#1 Red Beryl
Good luck finding a red beryl or bixbite. Its color — due to manganese — makes it a literal standout among the beryl family. Found only in Utah, New Mexico and Mexico, the ones discovered have been too small to cut, but left untouched they are no less beautiful.

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