There’s a fine art to buying gems, but each precious stone has particular qualities that make it stand out. Sapphires, long associated with royalty, wisdom and September birthdays, are among the most coveted. You may find them in orange, green, purple, yellow, even white, but most people look for the blue sapphires they know and love. How do you tell the difference between a good and a great sapphire? There are a few tricks that can help you pick the right one. Just like with diamonds, the “four Cs” are most important when choosing and pricing a sapphire:

#1 Color
Unlike with diamonds, a sapphire’s hue is the most important quality to appreciate when buying. Hue and saturation are critical; the most valuable have a rich “true blue” color in the medium-blue range — not too dark, not too light.

#2 Clarity 
Although clarity is important when choosing a sapphire, inclusions and imperfections in sapphires are normal if you see them inside, through a jeweler’s loupe. In fact, if they have none, they might not be the real thing — watch out for fakes! The stone should be free of imperfections to the naked eye, however. Otherwise, expect to pay less for it.

#3 Cut 
Sapphires are often cut to enhance their clarity and color. One that is well cut should be symmetrical and reflect light at just the right angles. Look for sparkle and brilliance in your sapphire, and avoid those that have been cut too shallow and thus reflect back little light or color. One thing you don’t want is a window — in other words, you don’t want to be able to look through your sapphire.

#4 Carat 
The number of carats — the units used to measure gemstones — also influence how much your sapphire will cost. Large sapphires or those over 5 carats are rare, so keep an eye out for “too good to be true” deals out there.

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