What’s hot in jewelry and stones these days? This year’s runways are packed with sparkle, boldness and shine. From boho to edgy to over-the-top sophisticated, baubles have turned up the volume on ears and around necks everywhere. Gemstone jewelry trends are particularly hot, making a fashion statement as standout accessories across the style spectrum. Here are the top gemstone jewelry trends to follow:

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls
No longer relegated to the back of your jewelry chest, pearls have made a daring comeback in fashion circles. Pearls are timeless, pure and can be paired beautifully with many styles to go classic or fashion-forward. From rough beginnings as grains of sand, you’ll see strings of pearls with jeans, leather jackets and chunky sweaters, turning convention on its ear.

Stones in the Raw
Gemstones are showing up rough, large and uncut on catwalks in the United States and abroad. Runway trends include big, chunky necklaces and large pendants that complement clean lines, minimalist outfits and subdued colors, regardless of style. Rose quartz, amethyst, amber and other stones make a statement all their own.

Cutting Edge
Another option in gemstone jewelry trends is to choose unusual shapes or cuts in stones, maybe with unique facets. It’s another way to add one’s own personality to a piece, customizing both one’s investment and style. More exciting than classic, gemstones and jewelry are turning a new leaf in the current fashion landscape.

Colorful Gemstones
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but it’s their colorful counterparts that are finding their way to runways. One of the year’s hottest jewelry trends are gemstones popping with hues in reds, greens and other colors. Blue gemstones in particular, like sapphires and aquamarines — alone or in clusters — are bringing wisdom, relaxation and style to the latest styles.

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