When it comes to buying gold jewelry, the buyer should always beware. While gold is undoubtedly one of the world’s most precious metals, it’s also notoriously easy to fake. However, there are a few simple ways to tell if you’re looking at the real deal or just an imposter. The tips below should help.

#1 Try a Magnet
If you’re gold shopping, a stronger magnet such as a rare-earth magnet from a hardware store is a handy thing to carry with you. Real gold is not magnetic, so it won’t stick to or pull on the magnet. If it shows any signs of magnetism, it’s a fake.

#2 Check Areas of Wear
For older or vintage pieces, examining the areas of wear closely is a good way to determine if it’s the genuine article. Check closely on edges and corners. If there’s any sign of another metal beneath the gold, then it might be gold-plated rather than solid gold.

#3 Look for Markings
Real gold jewelry will have small stamps on it somewhere that will show the karat or fineness of the gold, as well as the manufacturer. You may need a magnifying glass to identify these markings.

#4 Talk to a Professional
Even in many of these instances, it can sometimes still be difficult to tell whether you’re looking at a real or fake piece of gold jewelry. And some indicators, such as the markings discussed above, can be easy to fake. Really, to ensure the genuine article, as well as your own peace of mind, your best bet is to only buy from reputable dealers. There are also professional appraisers who can examine and assess a piece of jewelry after you are already in possession of it to determine whether it’s real gold or not.

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