Rock crystal, also known commonly as quartz, might not be the most precious of gemstones. But when cut cleanly and polished up nicely, it has a unique and versatile beauty all its own. It also affords some great looks for significantly less than what you’d pay for a finer gemstone such as a diamond, ruby or sapphire.

All that being said, there are still some strategies for getting the most from your rock crystal purchases. Here’s what to keep in mind.

#1 Consider the Color/Type of Crystal You Want
A wide variety of gems, including citrine, amethyst, rose quartz and others all fall under the umbrella of rock crystal. By honing in on the specific color you desire, you can start to narrow the field on the crystal jewelry that’s of interest to you.

#2 Settle on Size
Unlike other precious gemstones, quartz can come in just about any size of jewelry imaginable. While some are cut quite small like other precious gemstones, quartz does offer you the ability to go large with a piece of stone jewelry if that’s your desire.

#3 Think about the Preparation
With quartz, the shape of the stone is about more than simply the “cut.” It’s true that some gems are available cut just like smaller, finer gemstones, but there are also more freewheeling forms of crystal jewelry that feature tumbled, carved or even rough stones in them. Rock crystal frees up a lot of different style possibilities.

#4 Don’t Get Too Hung Up on Clarity
While some gemstones can be almost perfectly clear, that’s typically not possible with rock crystal. It’s better to embrace some of the minor flaws and imperfections as part of the character of the stone, rather than get too hung up on trying to find the perfect crystal.

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