Chances are good that a diamond will be involved in the most important jewelry purchase that you will make in your lifetime. And even if you’re in the market for a different form of diamond jewelry than an engagement ring, it’s still a major purchase that involves a substantial amount of money.

Considering all this, it’s important that you get the purchase just right. This list should help in the process of avoiding some of the common pitfalls that occur when in the market for diamond jewelry.

#1 Going by Color and Clarity Alone
People tend to focus on the numbers and other “measurables” when buying diamonds. And its ratings in terms of color and clarity are frequently the most important. However, diamonds can range widely in quality even when these numbers are sound, so it’s best not to focus on them alone.

#2 Buying Based on Size
Here’s another mistake that is frequently made, as some go into the buying process thinking that bigger is always better. However, big diamonds can be low-quality diamonds, as well. And a diamond that’s too big can actually come off as a bit gaudy.

#3 Searching for the Highest “Numbers” at the Lowest Price
Another strategy that some buyers see as savvy is to compare cut, clarity and color numbers with the overall price of the piece, and then find the best deal based on that ratio. Here again, you can lose sight of the actual overall quality of the piece if you don’t focus on that.

#4 Ignoring Cut
Of the three C’s of buying diamonds (color, cut, clarity), this one seems to be overlooked the most. Yet it might be the most important to the diamond’s appearance. What’s more, overall cut quality can vary widely from store to store, so it’s best to shop around.

#5 Not Buying from a GIA Graduate Gemologist
Finding a jeweler that’s a GIA Graduate Gemologist is a measure of assurance of their expertise in the area. However, not all jewelers are required to have this certification. Try to find one who does just to be on the safe side.

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