Gemstones seem to have a lot of benefits for the skin, particularly when mixed with the right ingredients in popular skin care products. Some of these benefits are fairly well documented, while others are based on their traditional or ancient healing powers.

But when it comes to gemstones, one benefit is pretty clear-cut, and the results are easy to see — and that’s their ability to make the skin positively glow with youth and vibrancy. So with that in mind, we asked the skincare and beauty researchers at Kristals Cosmetics to choose their best stones for glowing skin.

#1 Amber
This stone, which is actually pine resin that has hardened for thousands of years, is smooth and appealing to the skin. Amber has the ability to smooth, polish and energize tired skin to open up clogged pores. When mixed with ingredients such as vitamin C and vitamin E (such as in Kristals Cosmetics’ Multi-Vitamin C Brightening Serum), it can even out the skin tone and make it really glow.

#2 Diamond
Diamonds may be one of the most desirable gems, but they’re also the hardest. When ground into a fine powder, as they are for cosmetics, this gives them incredible exfoliating power that makes the skin positively shimmer with radiance after the diamonds are applied.

#3 Sapphire
Similar to diamonds in hardness and exfoliating properties, sapphire pairs particularly well with retinol for firming and repairing the skin to make it glow. Kristals Cosmetics focuses its use of sapphire to the area around the eyes, which is some of the thinnest skin on the body and in need of the most TLC.

#4 Pearl
Pearl is so packed with healing and revitalizing ingredients that many individuals are beginning to take diet supplements with pearl in it, as well. Finely ground pearls seem to have powerful bone and cell building properties, and the result is a healthy, youthful glow for your face when they’re incorporated into your favorite skincare products.

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