The world of gemstones is a vast and fascinating area, but it can be sometimes complex to determine their quality and, most importantly, their value. Not surprisingly, there are many purveyors who seek to fool buyers into overpaying for low-quality items or buying actual fakes.

Given Kristals Cosmetics’ development of both a high-quality gemstone jewelry line and gemstone-infused cosmetics products to promote superb skincare, we’ve decided to share some of our knowledge in this are to help you find the best value in gemstones.

#1 Color
Half of the value of the gemstone is determined by its color. They cannot be too bright or nor too dark. A gorgeous gem is balanced in a harmonious color. Also, the color should the same and visible throughout the gem.

#2 Weight
The size of the stone will be important as the price increases. But, beware just because the weight is heavier doesn’t mean the value will.

#3 Purity
A beautiful gemstone must be clear and bright, but is not very easy to determine the clarity and brightness of the gems since their typology is diverse. Gems are completely transparent to the eye at a 15 cm of distance. Never buy one with inclusions or cracks inside. The exception to this could be aventurine, in which hematite inclusions (hematite is a mineral that develops naturally inside aventurine stones) can add sparkle. The same could be said for amber, prized when it has inclusions of insects. As such, you have to consider purity and clarity within the context of each individual stone.

#4 Origin
Certain gemstones achieve great value depending from where they come from. Gemstones are from natural geological formations that have been formed where phenomena have occurred. Those phenomena are responsible for the characteristics that the gemstones have. For example, amber from the Baltic countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) is prized for being ancient (formed 40 million years ago) and of high quality.

#5 IGI Certificate
A reputable jewelry should be able to provide a certificate from the International Gemological Institute (IGI) that proves that this independent organization has  verified the authenticity of the gemstone used, as well as the metal, in any piece of jewelry.

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