Aventurine is believed to be a gemstone that heals and offers happiness due to its color and harmony. Because of its beauty and exquisite color, not to mention its holistic properties, the popularity of this stone has risen and more people are buying it.

However, as with any other stone used in jewelry, you have to factor in certain characteristics in making a decision. As a company focused on both holistic skin care using gemstone-infused beauty and skincare products as well as gemstone jewelry, Kristals Cosmetics is uniquely positioned to offer some helpful hints when it comes to buying aventurine jewelry, such as:

#1 Color
While mostly appearing in different shades of green, aventurine can also be brown, peach, yellow and even red or blue. Usually, aventurine stones that are red-brown or gold-brown have hematite inclusions, which means that hematite, another mineral, has naturally grown into the aventurine.

#2 Cut
Aventurine is a hardy stone, so it lends itself to a variety of cuts, though most often you see oval, round or pear shapes. It tends to be more popular as beads rather than as a gem, and in this case oval or round are the preferred shape.

#3 Clarity
The hematite inclusion we mentioned earlier can actually give a bit of sparkle to aventurine, as can bits of shiny minerals like mica. This added sparkle from other minerals actually increases the value of an aventurine stone. While it’s possible to find a completely clean aventurine stone with no flaws, these emerald-like gems are rarely found naturally.

#4 Weight
Rough aventurine stones are fairly large, but the usual carat total weight for an ornamental aventurine stone is 10-12, while aventurine gemstones used in jewelry weight between 3 and 6 carat total weights.

#5 Price
Factors that affect the price of aventurine gemstone jewelry piece include color, carat weight and clarity. Bright green aventurine stones are more valuable, and heavier carat weights also mean a higher price. While perfectly clear aventurine stones are more valuable as well, these are quite rare. The best-quality aventurine stones will be bright green in color and have no inclusions…except when the inclusions cause a bright effect, in which case the inclusions add value.

About Kristals Cosmetics
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