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Tips for Buying Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst belongs to the quartz group of minerals, and it is one of the most precious and valuable members of that category of gems. Amethyst is part of the macrocrystalline branch of quartz and owes its coveted violet/purple color to iron and aluminum impurities. Without these color-adding substances, amethyst would simply be ordinary colorless quartz. [...]

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How to Tell Real Gold from Fake

When it comes to buying gold jewelry, the buyer should always beware. While gold is undoubtedly one of the world’s most precious metals, it’s also notoriously easy to fake. However, there are a few simple ways to tell if you’re looking at the real deal or just an imposter. The tips below should help. #1 [...]

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A Shoppers Guide to Rock Crystal Jewelry

Rock crystal, also known commonly as quartz, might not be the most precious of gemstones. But when cut cleanly and polished up nicely, it has a unique and versatile beauty all its own. It also affords some great looks for significantly less than what you’d pay for a finer gemstone such as a diamond, ruby [...]

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6 Smart Tips for Buying Pearl Jewelry

Sleek and sophisticated, there’s a certain attraction to pearl jewelry that has stood the test of time for centuries. Of course, a lot has changed through the years with pearls, particularly the fact that cultured, or farm-raised, pearls are now the primary source of the gems. One thing that has stayed consistent is the approach [...]

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5 Common Diamond Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Chances are good that a diamond will be involved in the most important jewelry purchase that you will make in your lifetime. And even if you’re in the market for a different form of diamond jewelry than an engagement ring, it’s still a major purchase that involves a substantial amount of money. Considering all this, [...]

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Tips for Consumers for Buying Ruby Jewelry

There’s no question that buying a piece of jewelry with precious gemstones is a major investment. And the more precious the stone, the more serious the investment becomes. That requires a measure of caution and care on the part of the buyer. This is certainly true when it comes to buying ruby jewelry, and there [...]

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Best 4 Gems for Glowing Skin

Gemstones seem to have a lot of benefits for the skin, particularly when mixed with the right ingredients in popular skin care products. Some of these benefits are fairly well documented, while others are based on their traditional or ancient healing powers. But when it comes to gemstones, one benefit is pretty clear-cut, and the [...]

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A Buying Guide to Gemstones

The world of gemstones is a vast and fascinating area, but it can be sometimes complex to determine their quality and, most importantly, their value. Not surprisingly, there are many purveyors who seek to fool buyers into overpaying for low-quality items or buying actual fakes. Given Kristals Cosmetics’ development of both a high-quality gemstone jewelry [...]

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How to Buy Amber Jewelry

Amber is prized as a jewelry item because of its gorgeous dark yellow tones, along with its reputed holisitic properties as a bringer of good fortune. Althugh it’s found in many places, the two top areas for high-quality amber are the Baltic region (Estonia, Lativia and Lithuania) and the Dominican Republic. Baltic amber is generally [...]

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A Buying Guide to Aventurine

Aventurine is believed to be a gemstone that heals and offers happiness due to its color and harmony. Because of its beauty and exquisite color, not to mention its holistic properties, the popularity of this stone has risen and more people are buying it. However, as with any other stone used in jewelry, you have [...]

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