According to practitioners of holistic medicine that incorporate healing crystals, amber is known for transforming negative energy into positive, encouraging openness of the spirit to activate the energy fields, promote concentration and attention and more. These are some of the reasons why the amber is considered one of the most powerful gems out there.

Emotional and Physical Benefits of Amber
Crystals enthusiasts prize amber because of its motivational power in helping us focus and kick off new ventures effectively. Amber is also touted because of its role in helping people develop confidence, improve patience and have better mental clarity. Ancient civilizations also like to use amber to help with headaches and migraines, assisting in the heart function and strengthening the endocrine system. It is also tremendously useful for skin infections.

How Amber Can Benefit Your Skin
Kristals Cosmetics product formulators examined amber to see what kind of properties it has for skincare and discovered that it offers considerable help in evening out skin tone. This is major concern, since many people suffer from hyperpigmentation issues and don’t have the uniform, clear complexion they would like. To enhance the power of their formulation with amber, Kristals Cosmetics skincare scientists paired amber with a specific form of vitamin C because this antioxidant also helps to resolve pigmentation issues. The result was the AMBER Multi-Vitamin C Dark Spot Corrector, the AMBER Multi-Vitamin C Brightening Serum and the Amber Multi-Vitamin C Hydration Cream, which in combination are an excellent way to deliver key nutrients to the skin while evening skin tone. Each AMBER product contains vitamin C and E and powerful red algae to help you add elasticity, penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin, reduce wrinkles and provide lasting youth-boosting enhancement.

About Kristals Cosmetics
Kristals Cosmetics has unlocked the holistically healing power of gemstones like aventurine to promote vibrant, radiant skin with a deep range of products, including creams, masks and serums. Kristals Cosmetics complements its gemstone-infused skincare products with leading-edge ingredients designed to pair perfectly with precious gems, including peptides, niacinamide and Vitamin C. In addition, Kristals features a full line of jewelry based on precious and semi-precious gemstones. You can find out more at or visit its other informational sites, like, or