For centuries diamonds have been regarded as beautiful, magical, mysterious and powerful. For many buying a diamond is an unforgettable experience and Kristals Jewelry wants to make that possible and help you make the best decision. The world of diamonds could be a bit complicated but Kristals Jewelry wants to walk you through the carats, weight, color, clarity and most important the cutting. Remember, the cut should not be confused with the diamond shape but to the positions of the facets of the diamond. This is why Kristals Jewelry quality standards are the highest when it comes to offering you the largest and most beautiful collection of pure diamonds.

Check out the following tips brought to you by Kristals Jewelry before buying your next big rock.

Size Matters: The size of the diamond determines its brilliance, in few words the better the size the more the diamond will sparkle.

Color: The color refers the absence of the color, meaning that the more colorless the diamond is the higher the quality.

Perfection: The majority of diamonds have small imperfections or no imperfections and that qualify them higher.

Carats: The weight is measured in carats but the weight does not always improve the value of a diamond. In fact, when a diamond does not have the ideal cut, it only adds more weight to it, which makes the brightness decrease because too much light is reflected on opposite sides at the wrong angle and thus light reflection is lost along the sides.

Cut: The diamond is cut in different characteristics such as the table cut, the pavilion, crown, emerald, princess, etc. However, the ideal cut is a mathematical formula that cuts the diamond in precise angles to gain the optimum reflection and refraction of light proportions resulting in a unique beauty.

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